Monthly Archives: May 2012

May’s Tip

Action Figures at the Top. For almost a month now, the Avengers has been at the top of the Box Office and at the top of collectors' wish lists. The action figures based on the movie are nothing revolutionary, but the movie did such a wonderful job catching eyes around the world, that the figures are still wildly popular.

If the Avengers isn't your thing, and you're looking for other action figures at the top, then check out the following lists I've compiled for your convenience. In regards to comics and heroes, there's the Top 5 Super Hero Lines. Or maybe you'll find something to like in the Top 5 Video Game Lines. For those of you with a more vintage eye, check out the Top 5 Classic Throwback Lines. And you van even take a look at the Top 10 Masters of the Universe Classics Figures.

Better yet, why don't you let me know what your top action figure line is at the moment. Avengers? Marvel Legends? Masters of the Universe Classics? Transformers Prime is still at the top for me.

May's Tip for New Collectors. I like to do some spring cleaning as the temperatures warm up each year, and that involves moving, dusting, and re-positioning something like 2,000 figures I have on display. It often feels like an endless struggle trying to make sure each figure looks good on the shelf and remains safely posed. That's where this month's tip comes in handy.

May's Tip: In order to keep figures safe when posing them for displays, be sure they are balanced and maintain a low center of gravity. This means both feet should be firmly flat against the floor of your display, and any heavy elements should be directed towards the middle and bottom of the pose. It's easy to tell if a figure is off-balance by giving it a little tap with your finger. If it rocks back and forth, it needs some work. If it holds its ground, then you're good to go. There's nothing worse than one poorly posed figure falling over and taking out an entire group of toys with it.