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Selecting The Best Doll For A Gift

Your daughter's birthday is right around the corner and you might be looking for a special gift for a special girl in you life. And, you might not have any idea of what to but. How about a doll? It's a great gift with longevity. This article will give you some basic advice on deciding which is the right type of doll for your needs.

The first step in deciding the best doll for your needs is to consider the age of the person you're shopping for. If they are adult, they will most likely not want it to play with, but rather, sit on a shelf to look at. Unless that is, they want one that can be carried like a real baby. If not, they will not necessarily need it to be made of a material that is durable. Also it doesn't have to feel soft in the hands either.

Unless your doll is intended for an adult, I highly recommend getting one made of vinyl. Vinyl dolls are very nice to touch and hold. In fact, these days, the vinyls is much softer and pleasant than even the vinyls dolls of our childhood. These dolls are also unbreakable. Contrast this with porcelain or artist resin. These dolls are not only less pleasant to touch and carry around, they are more likely to break, especially the porcelain dolls.

There are two types of vinyl dolls that are the most popular with young girls. They are 18 inch, young girl dolls and realistic looking baby dolls. The 18 inch dolls that are most popular are American Girl dolls. They are very good, but very pricey. There are though, some knock off brands that are also very nice. You may want to consider Journey Girl dolls. Either way, these dolls are easy to find additional clothing.

Newborn or realistic dolls are some that have been created to look as much like actual newborns as possible. If you are one that thinks that not all newborn babies are very cute, you'll feel the same about these. They are incredibly realistic looking. And yes, some are even ugly. But, you know the saying; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, little girls love these dolls that look just like real babies. You can't go wrong.

Now, if a child's doll is not what you're looking for, you could consider a collector's doll. Since these are not for playing, these can be made of porcelain or resin. Keep in mid, some collectors dolls are also made of porcelain. So, if you wanted a doll that could do double duty, that might be for you.

I truly hope this article helps you decide on a gift for your girl's birthday. Dolls are great for a number of reasons. They can be a great item to entertain a child for a long time, but they can also be a great item to display on a shelf or curio cabinet. They also make great heirlooms to pass on to the next generation.

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