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Advertising Signage

Add some period advertising signage. Scan old magazine ads and resize them with a graphics program to create one-of-a-kind, realistic billboards and signage. Also, search the internet for photos of old signs using the Google search Images function. You may also want to consider adding eye-catching animated neon signs.

Bring your layout to life by adding people and animals. Put the people in period dress. Add life everywhere – on streets, station platforms, walking out of shops, etc. Buy a few from different manufacturers to add variety.

Vehicles also add realism to a layout. Make sure they are the right vintage and have a mix of vehicles. Add detailing to some and not others to add realism to the scene. Vehicles without drivers should not be driving down a street… it is not only dangerous, but it looks unreal. Driver-less vehicles should be parked on the side of a road or in driveways. Drivers can sometimes be added to vehicles by cutting off their legs