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Battle Beasts

Diamond Select Toys' new take on the classic Battle Beasts name has been slowly developing over the course of years with occasional convention exclusives and repaints, but this week marked the first major step forward in the line's future. The full first series has been revealed, and it looks absolutely incredible.

Though these Minimates-based figures weren't created to match the classic Battle Beasts characters of old, they are each well-designed animal warriors that easily catch the eye.  The first wave is set to include four different two-packs. There's Vorin the Ram vs. the Scorpion, Gruntos the Walrus and Tate Reynolds, Bliss Reynolds vs. The Snake, and Merk the Falcon vs. The Tarantula.

The figures are set to hit comic shops and specialty retailers this December, and will also be available in exclusive colors at Toys R Us stores. I hope this line, and the comic book series upon which it's based, are going to have long and successful runs.