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Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Out in Force. There are few action figure lines I love more than Masterpiece Transformers, and I'm happy to report that there is a lot coming in the line's near future. Recent reports indicate that Thundercracker will finally be seeing an American release in the vein of the previously released seekers Skywarp and Starscream, this time as a Toys R' Us exclusive.

Thundercracker will fill a major hole in many people's collections, including mine. His arrival is also another sign that Hasbro isn't giving up on the American re-releases of the Masterpiece figures, a trend I hope continues. I'm still in love with Masterpiece Optimus Prime all these years later.

And of course there are still the upcoming releases of the newly molded Starscream, Sideswipe and Red Alert builds, as well as a Soundwave that's sure to impress. No word on stateside releases of those figures yet, but this stretch of never-before-released Masterpiece characters should add a lot of depth to the line and create some fresh excitement. I can't wait.