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Mattel: Masters Of The Universe

Masters of the Universe Questions

In an announcement from Mattel's ToyGuru earlier this week, waning popularity and weak subscription numbers were cited for concern over MattyCollector.com's current lines (Masters of the Universe Classics, DC Universe, and Watchmen). The announcement includes an off-handed comment that Masters of the Universe Classics is now officially in danger of cancellation, a revelation which had never been hinted at up until now.

Given MoTUC's steady popularity and fervent fanbase, many expected it would be allowed to run its course naturally. ToyGuru's comments and the line's price increase (from $20 to $25 per figure) has sent collectors into a frenzy, prompting ToyGuru Scott Neitlich to create part 1 and part 2 of a video addressing the situation. As if that weren't enough to motivate fans to support the line, the rarely-seen Four Horsemen (the sculpting team behind the line) also issued a statement for fans.

Trying to follow this situation has been an ordeal for all but the most dedicated followers. To sum it up: the Masters of the Universe Classics line is very realistically in trouble and only fans can change that. It's unlikely this recent madness is a ploy from Mattel to bring in extra money, but instead appears to be a real plea for fans to resuscitate one of the best lines in action figure collecting. If you want to help these lines survive, check out the MattyCollector.com Subscriptions options, support your favorite line, and maybe even tell a friend.