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Guides to Everything Transformers

Guides to Everything Transformers.  Trying to understand everything about the various Transformers iterations is an overwhelming undertaking. There are so many different characters, universes, story lines, and figures. I produced a couple new guides to help people navigate their way through one of the action figure world's most confusing brands.

First off is the specific Guide to Transformers Prime, and there's also a general Guide to Transformers. Keep in mind that these are both ever-evolving articles that'll be added to as I develop new Transformers content.

I hope these guides give readers a chance to better understand Transformers and get more involved in collecting its fantastic figures and enjoyable toys.

New Transformers Prime Reviews. Transformers Prime is one of my favorite shows currently on television, and it's just a nice bonus that it's centered on the world of action figures. I finally got my hands on some long-awaited Transformers Prime figures, and I've written a few reviews for your enjoyment.

It's quite an eclectic assortment. On the Decepticon side, there is Megatron, an incredible figure that looks like it stepped right out of my TV. On the Autobot side, I grabbed a couple of short-term guests on the show, Wheeljack and Cliffjumper. One of them is great, and the other is average. I'll let you read the reviews to figure out which is which.

There are lots more reviews coming in the near future, from both Transformers and other properties, so don't wander off too far.