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Prometheus Action Figures Abound. The new film Prometheus and its memorable trailer have been relentlessly advertised for the past few months, and the action figure industry is finally on-board. Prometheus action figures announcements came from from both NECA and Hot Toys this week, so fans of the movie will certainly have something they can look forward to after finally seeing the highly-anticipated flick.

NECA's reveal includes images and video of two new figures, the Engineer in the pressure suit, and the Engineer in the chair suit. The prototypes look great. Each looks as if it will meet the consistently-high sculpting standards we've come to expect from NECA, and even seem to feature more articulation than the company's movie-based figures typically have.

The announcement from Hot Toys doesn't include many details, but simply teases that the manufacturer has obtained the license. They will likely recreate a number of the film's main characters, and they'll almost undoubtedly look fantastic. Hot Toys does suggest that the figures will arrive this Fall.

I'm not that excited for the movie itself, but I love good action figures, and these two lines will probably result in at least a few.

Hot Toys Reveals Avengers Black Widow. With the hype still surrounding Avengers, Hot Toys' recent teaser images have been getting a lot of coverage. And this morning they finally released detailed images of another fantastic looking figure in their Avengers Movie Masterpiece line: Black Widow as played by Scarlett Johansson.

The new Black Widow gallery posted by Hot Toys features some incredible shots of the figure. Points of  interest include a more accurate likeness than the Iron Man 2 Black Widow figure, a much tighter hair implementation, and in their own words a "prominent body shape". That will certainly be a selling point for many.

This figure will be well outside most collectors' budgets, but Hot Toys' creations sure are fun to look at and this one is no exception.