The Computer Programmer

Minifigures Series 7 Reviews. I just spotted Lego Minifigures Series 7 in stores earlier this week, and I've already taken some time to look at the first two figures I purchased. Spend a minute and look at my Tennis Ace review and Computer Programmer review for a detailed look at two of the newest minifigures in stores.

The Tennis Ace figure wasn't spectacular, but remained another solid entry in the line. The Computer Programmer, on the other hand, is surprisingly charming. There aren't really any bad figures in the Lego Minifigures line, but there are some clear differences between these two particular releases.

I can't wait to get my hands on more figures from Series 7 in the very near future. I'm especially looking forward to the Ocean King, Aztec Warrior, and Bagpiper. Hopefully I'll be able to review them.

Ratchet and Soundwave Get Reviewed. It's been a good week for this particular toy collector when it comes to new finds. I've been hunting the Transformers Prime Ratchet, Soundwave, and Arcee figures for quite some time in my local rural area, and finally found two of the three this week. I quickly snatched Ratchet and Soundwave, took them home, ripped open the packages, and fell in love with two more Transformers Prime figures.

In a continuing trend, both the Deluxe Class Ratchet and Soundwave figures are strong entries into the Transformers Prime line. You can read my detailed thoughts on each figure by checking out my Ratchet review and Soundwave review. These figures are worth tracking down.

I plan to continue providing reviews of Transformers Prime figures in the future, so keep coming back and keep enjoying the show when it airs on TV.