Why are Dolls the Perfect Multi-Purpose Toy?

How do parents decide on which toys to buy for their children? It is fair to say there is a split between those who listen to what their children want, and those who buy what they want their children to have. Parents will often make choices based on the educational value of toys, or the value for money they believe they will receive.

Dolls are an excellent example of a toy that ticks a number of boxes in terms of what can be done with it, and are likely to be something that both children and parents are happy with.

Many people are unaware of just how multi-purpose and durable dolls can be; we looked at how this is the case.

Fun Times

Being a toy, fun is something of a pre-requisite when it comes to dolls. Children love to unlock their own sense of creativity and let their imagination take over, and there are fewer toys that facilitate this in such an exciting way.

A doll is perfect for allowing children to escape into their own fantasy world and create their own characters and stories. They also become loyal companions with whom problems can be shared and overcome together.

Toys of this nature are open-ended, too. There is no limit to the possibilities as different outfits can be purchased, or additional dolls, for example. Contrast this to a board game or another type of toy that can be used in one way and soon becomes boring and repetitive.

Time to Learn

Educational benefits are the other huge positive when it comes to dolls. This is especially true in the case of period doll characters that are based on the past. Toys of this kind have the ability to inspire children to want to explore the reality behind the story they know, and can even make them more focussed on a topic at school, given that they have experienced these times during their play at home.

While exploring the past is great, the advanced opportunities for parent/child interaction also add to the learning benefits. After your child has spent the day playing with their favourite doll, ask them to describe what they have done today, or to tell you a story about their character. This will bring the toy full circle back to the point around unlocking creativity, as you can question your child and allow them to come up with thoughtful answers and ideas around their dolls.

Why spend any more money on toys that become obsolete in a few weeks? Look for something open ended that your child can enjoy for the long-term, while learning at the same time.

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