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About the Toy Collector Network

In 1993 I was attending a Beatlefest at the Meadowlands Hilton in New Jersey when I noticed a dealer with some old models behind his counter. We started talking and he suggested some collector-specific magazines that could help me find some things I was searching for (I'm a big fan of the old Aurora Monster models.)

I quickly hunted down a copy of Toy Shop Magazine and soon realized how many other collectors were out there. I couldn't believe how many people were looking for some of the same things I had when I was a kid!

It got me to thinking about how important it was for collectors to keep an accurate account of their treasures and that's how the idea for the Toy Collector Software® came about. After 6 months of non-stop programming, it was ready for the market. Starting out as a small mail order operation advertising in that same magazine, I quickly found many people interested in purchasing the program. Soon thousands of people around the nation (and many overseas) were purchasing the program. Over the years it was updated several times thanks to suggestions from collectors. The Original Toy Collector Software Manual and disc circa 1993

Remember, back then DOS was the operating system of choice - can you imagine? Since the advent of 16 and 32 bit operating systems, I was determined to update the software even more. I considered several options but felt the best approach was to use the Internet since everyone has access and already uses it for paying bills and for shopping. Why not put the same funcionality into a web site people could access freely rather than writing more code that would have to be distributed and updated at a higher cost? And after consulting with some fellow collectors, it made perfect sense.

So now just like the software, becoming a member on this site gives you the ability to maintain your collection, create reports and want lists, have access to a database of dealers worldwide plus use our message boards to communicate with others that share your interests. Plus put your stuff up for sale or list an upcoming trade show with ease.

We welcome you to join our ever expanding group of members, share your thoughts along the way and help us to grow as a community!

- Rick Horvath, General Manager ToyCollectorNetwork.com

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