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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How easy is it to maintain my Collection online?
Keeping your Collection online is simple. You can easily Add an item, Edit an existing item, Delete or Hide an item. You can choose which items will be seen by other members. This feature allows you to keep a private inventory or show what items you may be interested in selling or trading.

When adding a new item, you will be promted to type information into several fields. There are general Drop-Down lists available for choosing common Categories, Manufacturers, Grades, etc. Members have the ability to suggest new additions to these lists.

Your inventory can be sorted easily by any field. Printed reports can be created at any time. This is handy if you want to create a Want List to bring along to a show or a report of your Collection's value for Insurance purposes. Reports can also be emailed to you.

Help is also available each step of the way. Simply click on the ? if you're not sure what to do.


2.  Can I add pictures of my toys?
Yes, you can upload a picture of any one of your collectibles. There are certain size requirements. Picture sizes should not excede 300 x 200 pixels. Images in .JPG or .GIF formats are acceptible.


3.  How does the Classified section work?
When adding a new item to your inventory, you can mark it to be seen by other Members. The level of your contact information is determined by how you set it during your sign-up.


4.  I own a copy of the Toy Collector Software® and have been using it for years. Is the site similar to it?
As far as the site being similar to the software, they are both just as easy to use. The Toy Collector Network does offer many new features not available in the software.

Since its introduction in 1993, thousands of Collectors have been using the Toy Collector Software® to maintain their collections. The next logical step was to create an Online Community offering the same easy to use programming - where other Members could browse and create online Classifieds and Want Lists, contact Dealers, list up-coming Toy Shows, post messages on our Message Board and integrate other Spreadsheet and Inventory lists. Read more about it here.


5.  How do I add a spreadsheet or my Toy Collector software collection to the site?
It's easy to upload your current collection and have it added to your online collection. There are several options ranging from a Formatted Upload which your data will be preformatted and imported for you to see immediately. Some guidelines need to be followed in order for the data to import without any problems. You can also elect to just upload your data as is and one of our service techs can reformat it. We offer this 1 time service at no cost.

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